Re-establishing Rohan as an industry leading technical performance wear brand

A technical media campaign to raise awareness of Rohan's heritage and put the brand's technical ability first.

Forever setting the pace

We began by building landing pages for key A/W products to showcase their versatility. All featured video and interactive sliders, allowing users to see how each product suited different real-life situations. This informed new and reminded existing customers of the technical ability of Rohan's outdoor apparel.

Web, Interaction Design, Programmatic Display, Paid Social, In-feed Social, Creative, Video & Animation

The clever part

Creative for HTML5 and interactive skin formats mirrored the on-site functionality to ensure consistency of messaging. Then, using multiple creative formats within our programmatic media buying, we built an engaging and comprehensive narrative for audiences.

We introduced the concept to audiences for initial awareness, then engaged users with technical details before using product-led, price-pointed creative to encourage conversions. We delivered this across a variety of media channels including display ad placements and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to maximise awareness. Sounds technical? It is. But, essentially, it means we targeted the right people at the right time with engaging creative to raise awareness and drive sales of key A/W products. 

By engaging new audiences with interactive units and combining this with high-volume, low wastage, real-time bidding strategies, we were able to communicate the key messages in a manner that was true to the brand and wider campaign, to precisely the right audiences by utilising first-party data sources, lookalike technologies and third-party audiences.

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