Raising the stakes
with an interactive
games portal

Using new technology, we created an interactive and personalised digital portal to engage customers and become an effective business sales tool.

Going all in...

During our Discovery phase, we worked with IGT to unpick the brief and drill down their exact requirements. Using our knowledge of user experience design and creative skill, we redesigned and redeveloped their games marketing portal, the IGT Casino Lounge.

UX Insight, UX Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Videography & Animation

The result?

What was once a manual portal with poor performance and accessibility is now interactive, engaging and offers personalised experiences for users - acting as a great business sales tool too.

Built on new technology

But we had one more ace up our sleeve. We built the portal on Pimcore, an innovative third-party CMS platform that allows users to edit and update the frontend interface in real-time. And, we integrated the platform using it’s REST API to make the backend bespoke and flexible too. The platform now delivers a seamless and world-class experience, giving IGT’s Casino Lounge the best hand.

Supporting campaigns


As part of our email strategy, we created and sent a series of teaser emails during the pre-launch period. These generated awareness of and built hype about the new portal with audiences. Then, we built flexible email templates for the client to use on an ongoing basis.

Video and Animation

Using video animation, we showcased the exciting and unique features of the new Casino Lounge. These explained the solution, the experience and the larger vision of the IGT Casino Lounge to audiences in an interactive and compelling way.

Paid and Social Media

To support the launch of the IGT Casino Lounge, we ran a series of hyper-targeted video ads across LinkedIn to acquire new audiences and generate awareness. These targeted a small geolocation-based audience so we had to make sure our content directly resonated with their needs and wants.

IGT was a demanding project which required a diverse set of skills. The product we created is a testament to the team's expertise and determination to produce something the client and (most importantly) we are proud of.

Mike Mellor . UX Lead


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