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Dishing out a good experience

There was no doubt that Gusto’s existing website was beautiful, but it put style over substance. Design-led features dominated, pages were cluttered and customer journeys were muddled - user experience was poor. As the brand’s biggest customer touchpoint, the challenge was how to optimise usability without compromising its premium look? That’s where we came in.

Website Design and Development, UX Design, UX Strategy, Interaction Design

User experience

We started the project with a UX audit of the existing site to uncover users’ goals and frustrations when interacting with the website. We found that they wanted to browse food menus, get localised information and book instantly. So, we built user journey prototypes to solve these problems and improve the overall user experience too.

Stunning design

Gusto already had a well-established brand image, but they wanted to develop this further to appear more "authentically Italian" and premium to audiences. This called for fresh imagery. And we made it happen with a new photo shoot. The result? Quality visuals that emphasised the brand's luxury feel, but still felt distinctly Gusto.

Unique functionality

Using new integrations with external APIs, we managed important information and provided a simple user journey. We also integrated LiveRes APIs to create on-page booking widgets to optimise conversions. And, we developed a unique and innovative way for the client to manage their local on-page menus, quickly and with ease. It's using top-secret technology, exclusive to us. And we're very excited about it.

Immersive interaction design

Beautiful visual design alone would not do the Gusto brand justice. We wanted audiences to be immersed in a vibrant, multi-sensory Gusto experience as soon as they clicked onto the site. Using interaction design, we planned out and integrated every single element, from branding and design to function and aesthetics, to craft a seamless and unrivalled online experience for users.

Go on, have a scroll…

The website is now live, but our work is far from done. We monitor and adapt it to ensure it's functioning at peak performance and optimise user experience. We could write for days about all the stuff we do. And we're really proud of it. But the best way to understand what we mean is to go and have a look for yourself. Happy clicking.

I've been extremely impressed throughout - from the level of insight at the start, to the quality of designs that showcase our premium offering, really strong and considered development and the project management that underpinned it. And most of all, the team is just a good bunch of people to work with who seem to genuinely care about working with Gusto.


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