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Revolución de Cuba

How we brought the Revolucion de Cuba brand to life online.

Rum, food, live music and fiesta. Revolución de Cuba brings Havana to the high street.

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The Beginning

Defining the Revolución de Cuba brand

We went on a journey to define and align the Revolución de Cuba brand. This included workshops with key stakeholders across sales, marketing and operations; talking to, researching and understanding customers; and exploring the competitor landscape to establish USPs across day parts and need states.

Working alongside internal teams to interpret and analyse customer, competitor and market research.

The overarching proposition

A multi-sensory experience rooted in Cuban culture

We arrived at a core proposition that was built upon four stand-out pillars of the business. The authentic and unique features of Revolución de Cuba could then be defined against these pillars, giving the brand a creative framework that represented the whole bar experience.

Exploring photography, colour and pattern trends to capture the vibrancy of the brand.

User-focussed web design

Designing based on wants and needs

The refreshed brand identity had to live through its website. We spoke to over 1,000 customers, asking questions that established common user journeys on the existing site. The answers helped us to understand challenges, remove blockers and design a new site that would enhance users’ interaction with, and experience of, the brand online. Ultimately, it needed to drive them to complete bookings, with easy-to-find information and engaging content.

RDC on mobile

Bringing it all to life

Built for thumb-first interaction.

We developed the website mobile-first, because we knew that 70% of traffic was coming from mobile devices. The navigational structure alters between mobile, tablet and desktop, ensuring we’re serving the user based on device type and behaviour.

We used Hotjar to record user sessions and test prototypes as part of an iterative design and build process.

Tracking scripts provide the team with instant feedback from real users, allowing us to make accurate judgements.

Best practice mobile design improves usability of menu information, increases booking conversions and has a significant impact on page loading speed.

A consistently creative brand

Distinctly de Cuba

Bold colours, photography and informative, engaging content are all aligned to the brand and creative proposition.

A more immersive experience

Interaction that stops you in your tracks

The interactive and creative elements of the site were integral, and so were considered and tested as part of the prototyping stage, and not as add-ons. Animations do not take away from key messages, but enhance the experience and encourage users to explore more.


The results so far

Continuous cycle of improvement

Once launched, we continue to monitor and review the site, to continually optimise its performance, but we have seen an immediate impact from the changes we have made.



decrease in bounce rate *



increase in bookings *

* Data taken from launch over a 3 week period, comparable year on year.

Users are visiting the site for longer and booking more often, because content is engaging, information is accessible and journeys are smooth.

Iterative design processes used throughout the development of this phase of the website will continue to be applied, so we can continuously refine existing journeys, and create new ones.