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Using an inbound strategy to get clarity and results from both sales and marketing activity.


ANS was a business built on sales.

Bringing marketing and sales together would help automate the process, deliver qualified leads to sales teams, and mean that marketing budgets were being used without wastage. But that required a shift change across the business.


Getting everyone working toward the same goal.

To become the UK’s number one cloud provider ANS needed their teams to work together. The business had to be aligned around a core proposition and have clarity on products, services and targets. So, the first task was to define exactly what ANS stood for, and understand how we could make that stand out. We developed 'ANS Means Business' as an external positioning that captured the benefits of working with a service-led provider who enabled customers to change and improve their businesses, whilst ANS manage and maintain.

Using a system that worked for both sales and marketing.

Cube3 worked with internal stakeholders to develop an inbound strategy, using Hubspot’s automation to leverage expertise within the business and produce content and campaigns that would attract, nurture and convert leads. Hubspot was the chosen platform to distribute, manage and track success. Sales teams had the information they needed to increase pipeline and conversions, and the marketing department knew the real value of their activity, with clear sight of exactly what was working.

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the trouble is I don't know which half.”

John Wanamaker (1838-1922) US merchant, political figure and "pioneer in marketing"


Taking it further.

Now ANS could really rise above the noise. In 2016 'RAPID' took the industry by storm: ANS' highly standardised, highly configurable and policy driven private cloud. We supported the branding and marketing of RAPID, championing automation as a huge benefit for enterprise IT, improving efficiency and predictability, while reducing cost, variability and risk.

We realigned and refreshed the website and digital marketing strategy, but it wasn't just about applying a superficial coat of paint. Everything we developed had to live and breathe across the business.



The whole approach played out across a new website, sales collateral and content strategy.

So far, our inbound approach, combined with clear identities for both the brand and services, has resulted in a 4 times increase in lead generation, a 3 times increase in prospect conversion and a 10 times increase in pipeline revenue.



increase in website visits



increase in landing page conversion



increase in visits from Social Media

Plus, a future-proofed and joined-up way of working for sales and marketing departments that gave both the freedom, and the knowledge through data, to achieve wider business and commercial goals.

Because this business really means business, and the future starts here.