Building a brand
for a start-up bank

Arro Money banked on us to create and launch its challenger bank. A straightforward solution for the underbanked and underserved.

For some people, it can be really difficult to open a high street bank account – and it takes ages. Two million people in the UK are without a bank account. This means they’re forced to manage their finances in cash, leaving them open to additional charges collectively known as the Poverty Premium, costing an average of £1,300 per year.

Adam Ashley . Arro Account Director

A straightforward money solution

This project was a blank canvas; with room for a great idea, having identified a gap in the market. Our discovery phase revealed Arro’s three key personas: those new to the country, the underbanked, and small business owners, providing our Brand team with a clear understanding of their emotional and functional needs.

Brand Identity, Brand Proposition, Name & Identity, Brand Guidelines, Full Brand Asset Suite, Card Design, Website Design & Development

In the money

We arrived at the proposition: "straightforward banking" and the name, Arro. Then, we put our money where our mouth was and made sure that entire suite of brand assets we created was streamlined, simple and straight to the point. The result? A beautiful brand with a practical, easy-to-use interface and website - and finally, a fast, straightforward financial solution for those who need it most.


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