Paid Media

Creation and management of paid media campaigns from concept to creative executive and media buying.

Merging media and creative

Put simply, digital media buying is the strategic use of channels, audiences and ad formats to achieve business goals - like increasing sales, site traffic, brand awareness or footfall.

Media and creative must work together. The creative challenge is to develop visual concepts that engage audiences and convey brand messages. Media drives the conversation when it comes to ad formats and effectiveness. And we make both happen as an integrated team of creatives and media specialists.

Programmatic Display

We make programmatic marketing simple with an approach that’s transparent, rigorously tested and creatively brilliant. Programmatic display advertising means defining KPIs and audiences via a platform and allowing technology to bid for ad impressions on an auction by auction basis (real-time bidding).

Complex, right? But we only work with selected partners on a self-serve basis to build strategies that answer the brief and achieve the results you want. And we trade activity ourselves to solve any problems in real-time.

Every. Last. Detail.

Unlike big media networks, we don’t receive any kickbacks for using certain technologies or platforms. We spend your budget where you are most likely to find results. Simple. Everything is tested because we have full trading access to the platforms we use. And, of course, we work with in-house creatives to find the right messages and creative executions to fit your target audience and make an impact.

Cube3 is unique. I can’t think of a single agency that has our media buying capabilities and can develop brands and campaign executions. Creative-first always wins. Strategy and 'the idea' remain the currency of marketing. But, the intricacies of campaigns are often media-led and the best performance comes when creatives and format-owning digital media buyers work together.

Tom Needham . Programmatic Display Manager


Searching online is the digital scratch to an itch. Paid search is the first place people seeking solutions to their problems visit and it’s our job to ensure that your brand is one of the first to be seen.

We’re in pursuit of quality, building accounts out in incredible detail. Down to a granular level. We’re talking individual ads for each keyword to build ad relevance. This impacts quality score, improves ad rank, increases average position and CTR and reduces CPC. In other words, we’re a PPC agency that can achieve your digital goals. And it doesn’t stop there. We offer PPC management services to keep your campaign optimised and the results rolling clicking in.

Paid Media isn't rocket science...

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