Operations Director

We are looking for an experienced professional who has the experience and ability to help shape our current operational and delivery processes for the future, 

You will be responsible for working with the senior management and respective delivery teams to develop clear processes and systems that create an effective and efficient workflow.

Services Workflows

- Brand / Creative
- Web & Mobile Products
- Digital Marketing Services
   - Branded Content/Campaign
   - Social Advertising
   - Digital Media
   - Optimisation

    Our long term goal is to create and continuously develop modern workflow practices that adapt to the changing marketing services requirements.  In addition, utilising a well-structured technology stack to support the digitisation of processes that will:

    - Reduce workflow friction
    - Create an operation built upon lean operation
    - Maximise utilisation
    - A focus on key performance metrics
    - Effectively engage with team members and motivate good practice and performance
    - Operational upskilling and personal development
    - Continuous improvement mindset.


    We need a bright and energetic self-starter with the natural talent and relevant experience to nurture staff and teams to become more operationally effective.

    We are looking for someone who has a core career foundation in agency operations or roles very similar in a professional services context.

    With experience in project management and delivery operations, you will also have a passion for evolving delivery practices for the modern workplace.


    Ideally, you will have a good insight into modern technologies to assist and help with workflow and production right across the business and a broader interest in marketing automation process.

    We are currently going through a software systems review to rationalise and structure a progressive technology stack to streamline workflow.

    Examples of some systems we use:

    - Pipedrive (Sales & CRM)
    - Forecast.app (Project Management)
    - Jira (Project Management)
    - GSuite (Office Apps)
    - Charlie HR (HR)
    - Xero (Accounts)
    - Slack (Collaboration/Team messaging)


    Everybody wants to be agile, right? We understand true agile workflows in service-based business are difficult to achieve. We would like to continue in a considered roadmap how we over time adopt a process that fits with our model. That said, best practice wins and we are open to adapting techniques to achieve our goals.

    A broad understanding of different methodologies would be ideal.

    Summary of requirements

    - Very well organised and methodical

    - Consistent

    - A desire to help others achieve through transfer knowledge and support 

    - Has the ability to create from the ground up, motivate change and adoption

    - Ability to communicate effectively both internally and client-facing

    - A desire to achieve and make a real difference in shaping agency operational models that is reflected clearly both inside and outside of the business

    - Ability to report on KPIs effectively and accurately

    - Has hands-on experience in marketing services and or digital development services


    Very attractive package with bonus for the right individual.

    Does this sound up your street?

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